Master plan Kufstein FortressTyrol (A)

CATEGORIES: master plan, visitor concepts
CLIENT: Top-City-Kufstein GmbH.
TEAM: Katharina Knoll, Esra Wedam
PERIOD: 2016+

Development of an overall narrative for the fortress; production of a script for the themed exhibitions and a storyline for the tour “Kufstein Fortress Route“; preliminary work for the redesigning of the guidance and information system

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The fortress is a witness to the eventful history of Kufstein and the surrounding region. On the basis of the museum master plan for Kufstein, bogner.knoll is developing an overall concept for the complex, which rests upon the following two pillars:
Adventure exhibitions in the indoor areas
as deeper thematic explorations into the overarching narrative,
Tour “Kufstein Fortress Route” in the outdoor areas
as interactively designed total experience for young and old.
The aim is to rearrange exhibitions and revise informational facilities in a contemporary, future-oriented and innovative way and to thereby attract a wider circle of visitors – especially families with children.
The individual modules are to be gradually implemented over the next five years

Themed exhibitions
The common thread running through the entire area is the slogan “contact zone/border zone”. This is not just a matter of specific geographic borders such as those between Tyrol and Bavaria, but also of chronological transitions, and–more generally–of upheavals, milestones and points of contact, intermediary zones and interrelationships. A figure who appears time and again in this context is Kaiser Maximilian I, who conquered the fortress in 1504 and subsequently had it expanded.

Fortress route
The tour looks at the fortress in its entirety as an exhibition object. On their way through the area, visitors will not only be able to experience the history–and stories–of the building, but also to actively discover the secrets of the fortress, looking for hidden details and solving puzzles.

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