About us

We are a team of art and culture specialists with a long-standing and wide-ranging experience in the field of museum planning as well as in exhibition conception and organisation. We combine this knowledge with financial and organisational skills in the museum field.

Founded by Dieter Bogner in 1994, bogner.cc has become nationally and internationally renowned for its expertise in museum planning and exhibition conception. After working closely with Dieter Bogner for ten years, Katharina Knoll became a company partner on January 1st 2017, after holding the position of manager for several years. At the same time, the office was renamed bogner.knoll to highlight this forward-thinking business decision.

manages and provides support during the planning process and realisation of museum constructions, the reorganisation and new presentation of collections, and the content development and organisational implementation of exhibition projects from the initial idea to exhibition opening.

We believe in the importance of following an holistic approach that encompasses research and development of content, the writing of storylines and scripts for mediation tools, the museological planning of new museums, the compiling of feasibility studies and the development of business and budgeting concepts.

Our national and international clients are cities, museums, culture ministries, foundations, private trustee associations, architects, commercial enterprises and private individuals.

We particularly believe in the importance of creating holistic solutions, combining many specialist aspects to create a conclusive whole. Our strength lies in our ability to immerse ourselves in very different topics and fields, to undertake research in the required area and to use the knowledge we have acquired to create something new and whole. This means that we do not limit ourselves to specific areas of art and culture.

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