We are a team of art and culture specialists with a long-standing and wide-ranging experience in the field of in museum planning as well as in exhibition conception and organisation. We combine this knowledge with financial and organisational skills in the museum field.
We particularly believe in the importance of creating holistic solutions, combining many specialist aspects to create a conclusive whole. Our strength lies in our ability to immerse ourselves in very different topics and fields, to undertake research in the required area and to use the knowledge we have acquired to create something new and whole. This means that we do not limit ourselves to specific areas of art and culture.


MASTER PLANS − Culture concepts, museum concepts, repositioning, feasibility studies
We develop concept papers for reorganization or repositioning of current and planned exhibitions and cultural attractions. Based on situation analysis and baseline studies we formulate content concepts for an overall direction as well as recommendations for refining the positioning of individual institutions and for creating substantial profiles/strategies for whole museums and culture landscapes.

MUSEUM PLANNING − Museum concepts, visitor centres, museological consulting, site evaluation, organisational structure
Our services comprise content-related, functional and spatial planning, from the initial idea to implementation. We see ourselves as consultants providing expertise for all project phases: site evaluation, creation of a curatorial concept and the development of spatial and functional programmes including information on questions concerning climate, lighting and infrastructure as well as organisational structure.

VISITOR CONCEPTS − Visitor concepts, visitor orientation/information systems, visitor guidance
Visitor concepts focus on creating a positive visitor experience, from the moment of entering  a building, space or area  until leaving again. This involves primarily developing or optimising the content and functional aspects of visitor attractions and services as well as creating lists of measures to promote accessibility and orientation, visitor routing and guidance.

EXHIBITION PROJECTS − Permanent exhibitions, special exhibitions, collection exhibitions
bogner.knoll manages and supervises the reorganisation of collections and the implementation of exhibition projects in terms of content, organisational structure and finances, from the first concept to the opening. Our curatorial and organisational work encompasses professional research, formulating a comprehensive and coherent story, developing room topics and mediation methods, selecting objects, text production, scheduling and budgeting as well as providing support during the planning process, construction and design implementation

MEDIATION TOOLS & STORYLINES − Interactive media stations, hands-on stations, audio/media guides
We develop storylines together with strategies for exhibition and communication concepts that encourage dialogue, and we bring together the best of all available options in a logical manner, making use of both digital and analogue media. It is about creating the optimum mix of high-quality information and suitable mediation methods. With us, the development of room topics goes hand in hand with supervising content development and the technical conception of communication.

ARCHITECTURE COMPETITIONS − Client consultancy, architect consultancy, jury member
Architecture competitions for museums increasingly require participants to demonstrate museological knowledge. At the same time, architects have realised that involving museum experts, who make use of holistic planning, gives them a competitive advantage. Working closely with international teams of architects, museologist Dieter Bogner contributed to their winning important architecture competitions.

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