• Museumsquartier 1

    Areal MuseumsQuartier
    Foto © Peter Korrak

    MuseumsQuartier complex
    Photo © Peter Korrak

  • Museumsquartier 2

    Blick Richtung Leopold Museum, Haupthof MQ
    Foto © Rupert Steiner

    View towards Leopold Museum, main courtyard of MQ
    Photo © Rupert Steiner

  • Museumsquartier 3

    Sommer im MQ
    Foto © Ali Schafler

    MQ in summer
    Photo © Ali Schafler

  • Museumsquartier 5

    quartier21, Ovalhalle

    quartier21, Ovalhalle

CATEGORIES: master plans
CLIENT: Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Vienna
TEAM: Dieter Bogner
PERIOD: 1989−1994
OPENED: 2001

master plan for a multidisciplinary contemporary art centre

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