• Buendner Kunstmuseum Chur 1c

    Außenansicht mit renovierter Villa Planta und Erweiterungsbau der Architekten Barozzi/Veiga
    Foto © Simon Menges

    Exterior view with renovated Villa Planta and the new extension building by architects Barozzi/Veiga
    Photo © Simon Menges

  • Buendner Kunstmuseum Chur 2a

    Foto © Simon Menges

    Photo © Simon Menges

  • Buendner Kunstmuseum Chur 3a

    Raumaufnahme des Labors, Erweiterungsbau
    Foto © Ralph Feiner

    View of laboratory in the extension building
    Photo © Ralph Feiner

Buendner Kunstmuseum ChurSwitzerland (CH)

CATEGORIES: museum planning, architecture competition
CLIENT: Barozzi/Veiga, Barcelona
TEAM: Dieter Bogner
PERIOD: 2012/2013
OPENED: June 22nd 2016

museological advisor to the architects in an architecture competition for a new museum building; museological support for the architects during preliminary planning and design phase

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