• Museum_Goldenes_Dachl_1

    Raum 1 / Foto © Museum Goldenes Dachl

    Room 1 / Photo © Museum Goldenes Dachl

  • Museum_Goldenes_Dachl_2

    Raum 4 / Foto © Museum Goldenes Dachl

    Room 4/ Photo © Museum Goldenes Dachl

  • Museum_Goldenes_Dachl_3

    Raum 3 / Foto © Museum Goldenes Dachl

    Room 3 / Photo © Museum Goldenes Dachl

Golden Roof MuseumInnsbruck (A)

CATEGORIES: museum planning, exhibition projects, mediation tools & storylines
CLIENT: IIG / Golden Roof Museum
TEAM: Katharina Knoll
PERIOD: 2018/19
OPENED: February 18, 2019

development of an exhibition concept and supervision of implementation for a special exhibition in the Golden Roof Museum; project coordination and support until implementation (including signage system, cost control)

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