• Festung Brest 1a

    Hauptmonument innerhalb der Festung – Skulptur des unbekannten Soldaten mit Überresten der Ring-Baracken

    Main monument in fortress–sculpture of the unknown soldier with remains of ring barracks

  • Festung Brest 2b

    Haupteingang zur Brester Festung

    Main entrance to Brest Fortress

  • Festung Brest 3b

    Areal Festung Brest, St. Nicholas Church

    Grounds of Brest Fortress, St. Nicholas Church

  • Festung Brest 4a

    Nordtor zur Festung Brest

    North gate to Brest Fortress

CATEGORIES: master plans
CLIENT: The Fund of Development of Brest Fortress
TEAM: Dieter Bogner, Anna Dobrova
PERIOD: 2013/2014

development of a culture concept for a cross-national (Belarus/Poland) museum, culture and leisure area

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