• Museumsleitplan Salzburg 4

    Salzburg Museum, Mythos Salzburg
    Foto © Salzburg Museum

    Salzburg Museum, The Salzburg Myth
    Photo © Salzburg Museum

  • Museumsleitplan Salzburg 1

    DomQuartier Salzburg, Himmel und Erde in einer Hand

    DomQuartier Salzburg, Heaven and Earth in One Hand

  • Museumsleitplan Salzburg 3

    Festung Hohensalzburg, Aufstieg zur Macht

    Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg’s Ascent to Power

Museum master plan for SalzburgSalzburg (A)

CATEGORIES: master plans
CLIENT: Land Salzburg
TEAM: Dieter Bogner, Wolfgang Meisinger
PERIOD: 2004−2006

overall concept for the most important museological institutions in the province and city of Salzburg: analysis of the existing situation; development of strategies and scenarios for the coordination of the content of individual institutions; concept for strengthening overall identity  

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