• DomQuartier Salzburg 1a

    DomQuartier Luftaufnahme
    Foto © DomQuartier/HG Esch

    Aerial view of DomQuartier
    Photo © DomQuartier/HG Esch

  • DomQuartier Salzburg 2

    Innenansicht Dom
    Foto © Dommuseum zu Salzburg/Josef Kral

    Interior view of the Cathedral
    Photo © Dommuseum zu Salzburg/Josef Kral

  • DomQuartier Salzburg 3

    Residenz Terrasse über den nördlichen Dombögen
    Foto © RGS/Ulrich Ghezzi

    Residence terrace over northern cathedral arches
    Photo © RGS/Ulrich Ghezzi

DomQuartier SalzburgSalzburg (A)

CATEGORIES: museum planning, visitor concepts, mediation tools
CLIENT: Land Salzburg
TEAM: Dieter Bogner, Katharina Knoll, Esra Wedam, Ingrid Holzschuh
PERIOD: 2007−2014
OPENED: May 17th 2014

concept development for a DomQuartier tour as well as project management of implementation until opening; support in the tender procedure for a corporate design; concept and text production for an audio guide; development of the basis for a visitor orientation and information system

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